Our objectives are to quash the planning permission given to Jack Barker Golf in September 2007 and to try and stop similar proposals being agreed in the future. There are two main ways in which you can help. First, by canvassing on our behalf. Second, by helping us to raise funds to meet our legal expenses; although we now have the minimum necessary for a Judicial Review, additional funds could help us to meet any unexpected costs and to publicise our fight.

Risebridge Golf Course

There is no simple way of stopping this development. We need everyone to play their part, however small.

Donations to our funds will, of course, be most welcome; if our legal and other campaigns are successful we hope to be able to refund at least some of the money raised to donors.

But there are other ways in which your help will be most welcome. Here are some ideas
- help to make sure that everyone close to the golf course knows about the proposals; to date we have active support from over 100 households, but there are still some streets and roads from which we have few names; in particular, we have had relatively little active support from people living to the east and south of the golf course in the Vange Hill Drive and Hillcrest View/Vange School areas; when sending contact details to us, do include e-mail addresses whenever possible

- run events to publicise our fight and perhaps raise funds too - for example, could you organise a photographic competition/exhibition featuring the golf course as it is, an art competition/exhibition with a similar theme, or even a protest walk (or jog) around the golf course perimeter?

- help from knowledgeable and experienced golf players would be helpful; if you are one, please make contact

- most important of all is for you to write to (or email) the Councillors and or to the Council Officers to express your opposition to the plans and to ask relevant questions; similarly contact the local newspaper (the Echo) where Jon Austin takes a keen interest in local planning issues; remember that it is the 4 Conservative Councillors (Sylvia Buckley (Chair) Anne Blake, Geoff Buckenham, and Frank Tomlin )who approved the application.

On Thursday September 20, shortly after the decision was made, Council Leader Malcolm Buckley was quoted in the Echo newspaper as follows: 'I have had only a handful of complaints and most have a personal interest, such as being a golf course member or backing onto the golf course.' Make sure that he and others know how you feel about these proposals: he can be contacted through the Council Offices by email at malcolm.buckley@members.basildon.gov.uk

Councillor Buckley has since said that the recommendation to transfer management of the course was made by Councillor Hedley:

My colleague Cllr Hedley, the Cabinet Member for leisure, undertook considerable research before recommending the transfer to the Council. This included anonymous visits to other courses run by JB including Delapre (see examples of correspondence)


This link will take you to a page where there are details of the other Councillors; remember that it is the Conservative Councillors who are are in the majority on Basildon District Council and who need to be persuaded to change their mind - both Labour and Liberal Democrat Councillors are opposed to the scheme and have consistently voted against it.

The following link might be helpful; if you click on the picture of each councillor you will find that most have provided an automatic e-mail link that you can use or copy


(Update June 2008). In the last month, one of the four conservative councillors has expressed concern about way that he voted and the decision that the was reached. Immediately after the meeting, Councillor Frank Tomlin was quoted in the Echo newspaper as saying that he was uneasy about the scheme but that he has been told by Council Officers that there were no reasons for rejecting it. We understand that Councillor Tomlin has now seen information that might have led him to vote differently, and we applaud his willingness to say so in the Echo newspaper. Unfortunately Councillor Tomlin is no longer a member of the 'Planning' Committee, although he is now Chairman of the Conservative Councillors.

Some other contact details that might be useful:
Basildon Council, The Basildon Centre, St.Martin's Square, Basildon, Essex. SS14 1DL

Bala Mahendran, Chief Executive; bala.mahendran@basildon.gov.uk
Mick Nice, Executive Director/Chief Financial Officer: mick.nice@basildon.gov.uk
Doug Smith, Executive Director/ Monitoring Officer: doug.smith@basildon.gov.uk

If, when seeking information from Council Officers, you are not satisfied with the reply that you are given, or if the reply is not given in a reasonable period of time, you might consider complaining to the Local Authority Ombudsman


Those with management or account experience may feel that what has happened has raised financial and other issues that might be of interest to the Audit Commission.


There are now two further ways in which you can help. First, by persuading MPs to sign the Early Day Motion put down by Andrew Rosindell. See
Even if you do now know any MPs yourself, you may have relatives or friends that could help you.
Second, please 'sign' the on-line petition to the Prime Minister
Again, please ask relatives,friends etc to support us too.
Remember that both the Early Day Motion and the petition to the Prime Minister are about the mis-use of landfill nationwide, not just in Basildon.

For more details of the Early Day Motion and the petition, see the 'latest news' section of this website

Basildon Golf Course