Here are some of the other issues that have been identified

Councillors and others attending the planning meeting were under the impression that 91 semi-mature trees were to be felled as part of the development of the driving range. However, the plans show only 30 mature trees left standing and we now belive that 167 free-standing mature trees will be cut down. In addition there are some short rows of smaller trees planted close together to form hedge-like obstacles; they do not appear on the plan but are likely to be cut down too.

Traffic congestion; there is often severe traffic congestion at the roundabout outside Basildon Hospital which is a major Accident and Emergency Hospital and has a new opened Cardio-Thoracic Department for people with heart and chest problems. This will be made worse by the 56 'lorry movements' a day. Depending on the source of the landfill, at least one of each pair of journeys will need to be around the Basildon Hospital roundabout.

In addition, access to the proposed driving range and to neighbouring Club Kingswood (a Sports Club) is via Clayhill Lane, a narrow road with sharp bends and without pavements. Accordingly we are concerned for the safety of pedestrians.

Airborne particulates; these are dust particles so small that they cannot be seen. Nevertheless, they can aggravate lung and other illnesses, and can be harmful to the very young and to the elderly. Downwind of Basildon is Vange, a densely populated area which includes higher than average numbers of both socially deprived persons and also those with a chronic illness including lung and chest problems.

Airbourne particulates from landfill can cause dramatic shortening of the lives of air conditioning and ventilation system filters. There are a number of areas of Basildon Univerity Hospital such as operating theatres and other high dependancy units where patient safety is put at risk by any failure in these systems. Maintenance cycles may need to be correspondingly shortened which may prove costly to Basildon and Thurrock Foundation Trust (which runs Basildon University Hospital)