Risebridge Golf Course, Romford

Most people have no idea what 120,000 cubic metres of 'inert matter' would look like.

If the material to be dumped onto Basildon Golf Course could be formed into a square column one metre x one metre, compared with Mount Everest the column would be (a) shorter (b) the same size (c) 5 times taller (d) 10 times taller?

Answer (d) is closest: Mount Everest is 8,848 metres, the column of ‘inert matter’ would be 13.5 times taller!

Nearer to home, 120,000 cubic metres of material would approximate to six times the size of Brook House (the tall building close to the Post Office in Basildon Town Square) or to the whole of Basildon Town Square being filled with 'inert material' to the top of the Woolworth/Boots buildings (some 18 metres high).

As you try to visualise this volume of landfill, remember that this is only for phase 1, just 17% of the total area!

What kind of impact would that amount of 'inert matter' have on Basildon Golf course? Apart from Risebridge, it would seem that the clearest picture of what might happen comes from Delapre Golf Course in Nottingham, another course 'improved' by Jack Barker Golf. Do make use of the following link to see photographs of the site and to hear the interview with Ron Maydon, Director of Jack Barker Golf (there is a link to the interview in the top right hand corner of the screen)


In terms of the traffic involved in moving the material, a landfill operation appears to be taking place at nearly Langdon Hills Golf Club which is less than 5 miles away. This involves a fleet of lorries owned by a company called Clearserve who are based in a former quarry at Linford to the West of Stanford le Hope. In a 10 minute period just after midday on Friday 5th October, 6 laden lorries entered the Golf course grounds and three returned from it.


Interestingly item 6 of that Golf Club's minutes of the 7th August says:

6. Management Report
Lorry movements continuing – Dust becoming a problem.


There is more about 'dust'/airborne particulates on the next page.

Readers may be interested to know that until recently there used to be a large driving range at Langdon Hills Golf Club. Although there are three full-sized golf courses on the site, the driving range was pulled down because it was little used and houses are now being built there.

Important note: the activity at Langdon Hills is being described because its scale and its likely impact in terms of 'dust' appear broadly similar to what may happen at Basildon Golf Course, and because of the lack of demand for the golf range; however, it is stressed that there is no reason to connect either the Clearserve Group or the Langdon Hills Golf Club with the landfill operation planned for Basildon Golf Course