Plans were submitted for Stearthill Farms to be developed into a 27 hole golf complex. Once again, the importation of waste was proposed. The plans were contested by the Little Horwood Action Group, and we wish to thank their Secretary, David Richards, for sharing information with us. Following the rejection of the plans by the District Council and the County Council, the developer's appeal was considered by a Planning County Council, the developer appealed and the matter was considered by a Planning Inspector. The Planning Inspector rejected the applicant's appeal.

CHURCH bells were sounded after villagers learned a controversial scheme for a golf course has been blocked.
In a decision this week, a planning inspector rejected the applicant’s appeal over the plan, on grounds the Little Horwood scheme was against waste policies and would have harmed the rural landscape.
The Jack Barker Group, which owns Wavendon Golf Club in Milton Keynes, had proposed to build a 27-hole course with a driving range at Stearthill Farm. The scheme would have seen a landraising operation carried out involving the dumping of almost a million tonnes of recycled building waste by lorries over a three-year period.
Protests were voiced by villagers concerned about the use of building waste and any potential noise or pollution, and there was also opposition from parish councillors.