Wavendon Golf Centre was one of the Golf Courses owned by Mr Maydon and his associates. It can be seen from an article below that an application for planning permission involving the importation of waste was refused both by the local and a Planning Inspector, although a modified planning application involving less waste was subsequently agreed. Subsequently, part of the golf course was included in a planning application for building a housing estate. The property was advertised and sold in 2010, and a liquidator was appointed

‘When this application was originally submitted, in August 2005, the proposal included additional landscape mounding of the golf course. Officers took the view that, because of the amount of material that would be imported to create the additional mounding, the creation of the mounding should be treated as a waste disposal application rather than a minor engineering application.
Officers therefore requested further information from the applicants, together with the appropriate (much larger) planning application fee that should accompany an application for waste disposal.
The applicants disagreed with the officers’ view and eventually appealed to the Planning Inspectorate against the failure of the Council to issue a decision in relation to the application. The Inspector supported the officers’ position on the fee and declared the application was invalid. However, because the application was found to be invalid the Inspector made no decision on the application.
Following the Inspector’s finding in July last year, further discussions have taken place between the applicants and officers. As a result of very significant concerns expressed by officers about the mounding the applicants have withdrawn that element from the current application and the submitted fee is sufficient for the application as amended to be now determined by the authority.
The document ends thus
It is recommended that planning permission be granted subject to conditions relating to materials, landscaping, floodlighting and car parking.
Report author / case officer – Jeremy Lee
Contact details - 01908 252316 jeremy.lee@milton-keynes.gov.uk’
(the most recent date on the document is 28.03.07)

A report of the appraisal of the Centre with a view to part of it being incorporated into a housing development can be viewed using this link:


In 2010 the Golf Centre was advertised by Messrs John D Wood, the freehold price being stated as being in excess of £4,000,000
The following details were given:

Introduction Wavendon Golf Centre is located at the south eastern edge of Milton Keynes. A successful business lying in a strategic location for the future development of Milton Keynes, the property offers the opportunity for a purchaser either to acquire a golf related business with development potential or simply a strategic opportunity with an income from the Golf Centre with potential for development initially over the 9 hole course land before 2015 together with a longer
term position over the 18 hole course land.
The Golf Centre Wavendon Golf Centre extending to 54.87 hectares (135.58 acres) was started in 1989. The Centre offers the most comprehensive range of golf facilities immediately available to Milton Keynes and includes a par 3 nine hole course, par 69 eighteen hole course, pitch and putt, club shop, restaurant, bar and entertainment/conference facilities together with a floodlit
driving range which has planning permission to add an extra storey.
Planning Position Wavendon Golf Centre, as shown on the plan hatched red, lies within the South East Milton Keynes Strategic Development Planning Area. The land to the north of the 9 hole
course (hatched blue) is allocated for development under the Milton Keynes Eastern Expansion Area and to the East and West are two current strategic reserve sites as set out in the Milton Keynes
Local Plan 2001-2011 (hatched green). The Wavendon Golf Centre has, therefore, significant development potential to be promoted as a part of the development in excess of 4,500 dwellings due
to be created in the south east of Milton Keynes on the 9 hole course land and to promote the 18 hole land for the potential 5,600 dwellings, subject to their inclusion with the East of England
Regional Spatial Strategy. Milton Keynes Council have endorsed the proposal for the south east growth area to extend from Wavendon to J13 on the M1.
Potential Leaseback The Wavendon Golf Centre is available freehold or leasehold. The existing management (under the name Milton Keynes Golf Limited) has indicated they would be interested in taking a lease at a rent of £150,000 pa over the whole of the golf centre. This represents an excellent opportunity for a developer to receive an income from the site pending the grant of planning permission, when the lease would fall in.
Tenure & Possession Wavendon Golf Course is offered freehold with vacant possession over the whole.
Planning Authority Milton Keynes Partnership, 414-428 Midsummer Boulevard, Central Milton
Keynes MK19 2EA. Telephone: 01908 353636, Email: enquiries@miltonkeynespartnership.info
Uplift Clause The 18 hole course is offered for sale subject to a 60% uplift clause in favour of previous owners based on the increased value between existing use and with the benefit of planning
for development. Further details are available from the Agent.

Information from Companies House shows that the property was sold for £4 million and that a liquidator was appointed to Wavendon Golf Centre Limited on 21 June 2010.