In May 2010, the local paper (The Sentinal) reported that the 100 year old club was being put up for sale. At the end of October it was reported that the Club House had been closed. From the point of view of planning, the following quotation from the third article is of particular interest: 'The company bought the privately owned course in 1996 for a reported 600,000. And it caused controversy in the village when a planning blunder left the door open for 140,000 tonnes of spoil to be imported from the construction of the A500 to remodel seven holes.'

Golf: Greenway Hall put up for sale
By Golf Chris Harper
(The Sentinal: Thursday May 20th 2010)

GREENWAY Hall, who celebrated their centenary last year, have been put up for sale.

The Stockton Brook club are owned by the Milton Keynes-based Jack Barker Golf Company, who are looking for offers in the region of 850,000.

Club staff were informed of the company's decision by director Ron Maydon, who said: "Our shareholders are getting on in years and some have even left the country.

"They are not excited by Greenway Hall anymore and want their money back. It is time to move it on.

"The company is involved in a dozen courses up and down the country (including Keele and Goldenhill) and is looking to lower the number.

"We are looking to sell off two or three and two have been done."

Greenway Hall chairman John Heaton said: "I am surprised by the decision to sell in the present financial climate, especially as there are five or six clubs locally who are in a similar predicament.

"We gather there may be a couple of interested parties, but there is no time scale on the sale."

Heaton has ruled out a members' buy out, and added: "Fourteen years ago when the club was offered for sale it may have been a possibility.

"But the number of members we have today with the sort of disposable finance that would be required is next to nothing. I don't think anyone would be willing to risk it."

Club captain Mark Shaw added: "A quick sale would be better so that everyone knows where they stand.

"The future of the club is the most important thing, but if there was no buyer would the Jack Barker organisation withdraw their support and make cutbacks?

"Most golf clubs are struggling and have dropped joining fees, so I don't know where a buyer would come from.

"The owners have brought the course up to a fairly good standard and, while there are better courses in the area, the camaraderie that exists at Greenway Hall takes some beating."

Jack Barker's bought Greenway Hall in 1996 for around 600,000 and has invested heavily in improvements over the 101-acre site.

The income from the tipping of spoil during the construction of the A500 road, which led to the remodelling of the top seven holes, went into providing a new clubhouse.

"Greenway Hall is a mature, well-loved course that is in excellent condition and the clubhouse is fabulous. The club has never been better," said Maydon, who has even been mooted as the possible new owner.

"We will first see what bids we receive, but I would not rule out having a go."

Golf: Greenway Hall still on the market
By Golf
(The Sentinal, Thursday August 12th, 2010)

GREENWAY Hall Golf Club remains up for sale three months after being put on the market.

An extensive advertising campaign by the company handling the proposed sale of the Stockton Brook club triggered initial interest, but that has slowed down.

Kay Griffiths, for Oxford-based Savills, said: "The club is still available, but there is no deadline.

"The sale signs produced interest from the usual category of people we would expect, like golf operators and possible local buyers, but this is not a good time of year.

"The month of August is traditionally quiet, but it should pick up in September after the holiday season."

Greenway Hall is owned by the Milton Keynes-based Jack Barker Golf Company who are believed to be looking for a price in the region of 850,000.

Members shocked as company closes course's clubhouse
By Karen Inchley And Chris Harper Karen.Inchley@Thesentinel.Co.Uk
(The Sentinal, October 30th 2010)

PARTIES have been cancelled and four jobs lost after the shock closure of a clubhouse at a country golf course.

Members of Greenway Hall Golf Club at Stockton Brook were stunned when they found the venue had been locked and stripped of its fixtures and fittings.

A sign has been put on the building saying it is "closed until further notice".

People who have booked functions over the next few days have been told their celebrations are off.

Greenway Hall is owned by the Milton Keynes-based Jack Barker Golf Company, which also owns courses at Keele and Goldenhill.

It is understood the manager and three other employees have lost their jobs.

Two members of grounds staff have been retained to maintain the course and access to changing facilities.

Members have been told the club, which is on the market for 595,000 after its price was slashed from 850,000, will be sold at auction in mid-December by Oxford-based estate agents Savills.

The clubhouse was closed following a visit by one of the company's five directors, Ron Maydon, earlier this week.

Chairman John Heaton said: "We were told by Mr Maydon earlier this month that if the members were not interested in renting the club from the owners at 12,000 a month it would go to auction.

"I told him we were not in a position to pay rent.

"Four trucks arrived on Wednesday and the clubhouse was emptied.

"We also removed all items that belonged to the members and they have been stored.

"I am surprised by the speed at which events have unfolded.

"We have been in touch with the EGU (English Golf Union) and have been advised to 'sit tight' and continue to engage with the current owners.

"We have not been treated badly by Jack Barker's organisation over the years, but we are part of a national issue.

"There are 66 clubs throughout the country on the market ranging in value from 500,000 to 2.2 million."

Barry Hackney, a member for 23 years and the seniors' section representative on the club committee, said: "I am gutted by the news because I thought a buyer would be found even though the price was high. But we are still in play."

The company bought the privately owned course in 1996 for a reported 600,000.

And it caused controversy in the village when a planning blunder left the door open for 140,000 tonnes of spoil to be imported from the construction of the A500 to remodel seven holes.

The firm ploughed some of the profits into a new clubhouse, which was built for the club's centenary last year.

One member, who asked not to be named, said: "Some players had a game in the morning and when they came off the course they found the clubhouse closed."

Bagnall parish councillor Frank Hayes, who is former club captain, said: "I knew the club was up for sale, but I did not know the clubhouse had closed."

Ward councillor Sybil Ralphs, pictured, who is also leader of Staffordshire Moorlands District Council, said: "It is one of the most scenic golf courses in Staffordshire."

"It would be nice to see it bought by someone local who might appreciate it."

No-one from the firm was available for comment.