The first two aricles have been copied from the website of the local newspaper. The third and fourth articles are reviews copied from the review of Goldenhill on the Golf Today website Notice of closure is from the website of the Sandyford and Goldenhill Residents Association

Goldenhill Golf Course is like a rubbish tip
Wednesday, April 07, 2010, 09:00
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I would like to raise an issue with the environmental departments of Stoke and Newcastle Council. There are vehicles continually tipping at Goldenhill Golf Course. On a dry day it is like a dust bowl, on a wet day a mudbath. Traffic is continuously interrupted by a small road sweeper and what was once a respectable golf course area, allegedly, now appears to be a rubbish tip.

Also, we are continuously told cuts have to be made by them for the benefit of the council taxpayer. We now have our main bin collected every fortnight, and considering we help considerably with the recycling etc when are these benefit cost savings going to be passed on to the council tax payer?



Mud fight starts as golf work drags on
Friday, April 30, 2010, 09:20
(Article in the Leek Post and Times)

FED-UP residents are calling for action after claiming their homes and cars are being covered in mud and dust by lorries taking waste to a golf course.

Dozens of people attended a public meeting last night, called to discuss the ongoing development work at Goldenhill Golf Centre, pictured.

Planning permission was granted by Stoke-on-Trent City Council two years ago to extend the driving range at the Mobberley Road venue.

Lorries full of inert waste have been going to the site since June 2008 to increase the playing area and the project was originally expected to be finished by the end of last year.

Now Jack Barker's Golf Company, which owns the centre, has submitted a new application to continue taking waste to the site to complete the extension of the driving range.

The firm says it is running behind schedule because of a shortage of materials due to the downturn in the building industry.

But residents say the development has gone on for long enough and are calling on city council planners to refuse the extension.

Ken Beech, aged 39, from Kidsgrove Road, said his life was being made a misery by the dust coming off lorries going to and from the site on a daily basis.

He said: "The residents are facing a constant battle to keep cars and house frontages clean and the window cleaners must be making a fortune down here.

"The lorries are leaving mud all over the road as well as stones the size of a fist, which could do some serious damage if they were flicked up by another car.

"One lady had the front of her house painted last year and she needs it doing again because the dust has ruined it.

"From what I understand, the lorries are supposed to come off the A500 and go up Reginald Mitchell Way, but they are coming up Kidsgrove Bank and other roads and making a right mess."

In its planning application, the company states if approved, the work should be completed by November.

The application states: "The approved design was planned to give an increased playing area and as construction progressed, a problem with the design became apparent.

"The proposed ground levels fell away from the existing range building and then rose up to the end of the range, creating low areas part way along the playing area.

"This would have given severe and continued drainage problems.

"To achieve these levels, more landscaping material is required."

Nick Worrall, pictured, area manager for Jack Barker's Golf Company, said the company had been doing all it could to keep the approach roads to the site clean.

He said: "We have a road sweeper on site which is in operation all day every day and we also have two wheel washers for vehicles coming in and out."

Residents have until May 21 to have their say on the application.

A city council spokesman said: "The issue will be discussed at a development management committee meeting in the future."

Comments about Goldenhill Golf Centre on the Golf Today website: see

This course has just reopened in may 2008 i played it on wed.. 25th june.. cost £9.. all i can say is its awful.. they are still using an area next to the driving range for landfill trucks.. so you hear a constant drone as you play, the fairways are shocking.. and need a dam good cut!! also the amount of bricks in the fairways isnt good.. the greens also need a good cut, only about 3 were decent the rest below average, one hole has been shortened to about 120 yards.. from a par 4 for the landfill work.. and if you have never played this course before (like me) you have no chance, from the tee off you can't see many flags to aim for and they are no white posts like you get on other courses to aim at.. this course still needs a year before it's finished.. i won't be going back, and i think they are surviving on the landfill money they must be getting... it's a shame as it has potential..
Darren Shore June 26, 2008

I was asked by a friend to play this course. He had not played here himself for a few years. I decided to look at the current reviews for Golden Hill. The last comments were not good to say the least but did say that at the time a few years ago the club was undergoing some major development. I went with the hope that the improvements had taken place. To my disbelief the course is in worse conditon than the last review. There are no distance markers throughout the 18 holes, rubble & untidy fairways make it impossible to find the ball, there is bad drainage, litter throughout the course and some fairways look like two tractors have been fighting in the middle of them. This course has the potential of some amazing holes yet needs a lot of care and attention and a huge amount of money spending on it. My recommendation is not to play this course until you have heard of great changes.
John Adams May 24, 2009

Goldenhill Golf Course Closed
Landfill waste tipping at Goldenhill Golf Course has now stopped.
Councillors reported at the Sandyford and Goldenhill Residents Public Meeting last Thursday 13.01.11 that the City Councilís Legal Team has now closed the golf course at Goldenhill due to rent not being paid for the site.
Excessive landfill waste being tipped there with at least sixty lorries delivering it to the area every day, as always been an issue with local residents and seeing a stop to it is sure to please many people.
Councillor Ryan also reported at the meeting that she would be discussing the issue with S.A.G.E. in regards to what will be happening to the site in the future.