Here are some of the people who have been supporting us or whose work elsewhere has helped us

Angela Smith MP:

From the start, we have had the full support of our Member of Parliament, Angela Smith.

For example, on 20th September 2007, the local Echo newspaper quoted Mrs Smith, Private Parliamentary Secretary to Prime Minister Gordon Brown, as saying: "I fail to understand why the council is determined to press ahead with these dreadful plans."

"All Labour councillors and myself are totally opposed to these plans and will continue to try to stop this appalling scheme."

From the outset Angela Smith told us that what she could do to support us in public would be constrained by her role as the Prime Minister's PPS. That said, there are two ways in which Angela Smith's support has been outstanding. First, she gave her support to questions raised in the House of Commons by Andrew Rosindell, the Conservative MP for Romford on Wednesday 13th March. We were delighted that the two MPs were willing to work across traditional party lines in this way.

Angela Smith then put her name down for and Adjournment Debate and her request was approved. On Thursday 24th April she spoke about Basildon Golf Course for 20 minutes in the House of Commons and the points that she raised were then answered by The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Joan Ruddock). The full text of the debate is published elsewhere on this website (see Basildon GC in Parliament)

Accordingly we are most grateful for the support that Angela has given us together with local Labour Councillors, particularly Lynda Gordon.

Geoff Williams, Councillor for the Nethermayne Ward and Liberal Democrat leader on Basildon Council:
Again, from the start, Geoff has worked tirelessly to try and stop this development; it was a Liberal Democrat leaflet that alerted many local residents to the planning meeting where the scheme was approved. Geoff is one of the founder member of 'Friends of Basildon Golf Club'
It was through Geoff we approached the Environmental Law Foundation and thus met our solicitor, Robin Tillbrook. Tilbrooks are at Quire's Green, Willingale, Ongar, Chelmsford, Essex CM5 0QP

John Schofield, Comservative County Councillor for Westley Heights; we are very pleased to have had John's support. Because our protest has been directed at the local conservative councillors who all voted in favour of the Jack Barker proposals it may have seemed to some that we were taking some kind of political action against the party. This is not so, as shown by our next acknowledgement.

Andrew Rosindell. Andrew is the conservative MP for Romford; the Risebridge Golf Course is in his constituency.

Andrew's support was sought by Ian James, one of his constituents who led the protest against Jack Barker Golf's improvements at Risebridge. As Havering Council is Conservative controlled, a lesser man might have chosen to do nothing. However, Andrew not only asked questions in the House of Commons but has since featured in an item about Risebridge on BBC London News.

Andrew Rosindell (on right) with John Toplis and Mick Toomer when the BBC London News programme was recorded; one of the many bunds which now border Risebridge Golf Course can be seen in the background.

Andrew's intervention appears to be having an impact elsewhere in Havering: since his public criticism of events at Risebridge, the council has turned down plans for even larger developments at Maylands Golf Course, Romford, and at Havering Country Park.

Phil Butler, Campaign for the Protection of Rural England, North East London:
The change of attitude at Havering is also the result of the tireless efforts of Phil Butler, a volunteer, who has spoken at several key planning meetings where proposals for 'improvements' involving huge amounts of landfill have been subsequently rejected. A page about CPRE appears later on this website

Rod Cole, Essex Wildlife Trust:
Essex Wildlife Trust were consulted about the proposed development at Basildon Golf Course, but Dr`Cole did not feel that his views were fairly summarized when they were placed before the 'planning committee'

Denis Walker, Co-ordinator, South East Essex Friends of the Earth. Our protest is currently featured on their website - see:

Anne Humphries, Chairman of Basildon and Thurrock Green Party:

The Echo Newsparer reported 'Anne Humphries, Chairman of Basildon and Thurrock Green Party has condemned Basildon Council's 'cavalier attitude in agreeing the proposal in the face of strong opposition, and more recently for canvassing on our behalf.

She said 'Yet again Basildon Council shows its complete cyncial disregard for residents.

Jacqueline Dodman is Secretary of the Theydon Bois & Abridge Action Group which was set up to protect the Green Belt around Theydon Bois from unscrupulous development. They have seen a green field land filled for the last 3 years with hundreds of thousands of cubic metres of hard core. She says that the developer has got round planning law and land fill tax to make an absolute fortune in the process. This is happening all over the country we need to do something about it now!!
See also the pages at the end of this website - 'The Wider View' and 'Blake's Farm blog.

Nearer home, special thanks are due to Rose Bright, for 'going the extra mile' on leaflet distribution; many thanks to those who have been helping Rose too. And Derek Adams has spent a lot of time setting up our first supporters group in The Knowle. We are glad to learn that others are now following his example.

The first photoshoot of our protest group; numbers have grown considerably since then.
If plans go ahead, the land in this picture will be filled with inert landfill to a depth of 6 metres (20 feet) in order to form a driving range.