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So far there have been two articles in the National Press.

Private Eye: In the 9th November edition of Private Eye Basildon golf Course features in a story called 'Basildon Bund' (page 9). The story ends

' Elsewhere, councillors seem able to recognise a mountain of rubbish when they see one. But not apparently in Essex.'

Private Eye has few resources but bravely goes where others do not. Please support them by buying your own copy (1.50)

Sunday Express: Today's Sunday Express (11 November) carries a story 'Golf Course Scam to Dump Rubbish' (Page 13). It features several notorious sites including one at Theydon Bois

'Three million tons (of rubbish) have been dumped on what was meant to be a golf course at Theydon Bois, Essex in the past five years.

Last week the company behind the project finally admitted that it no longer plans to create a course there.

The 160 acre site is now nine feet high with rubbish. Some 300 lorries a day have dumped rubbish there.'

'Last night the Head of the Environment Agency called on the Courts to help to crack down on the rogue firms causing catastrophic damage to the countryside by imposing tougher sentences for dumping waste in beauty spots.'

In addition there have been numerous articles in the Echo, the newspaper which covers Basildon and other parts of South Essex.
The Echo has an excellent website at
This includes a search facility so articles can be found by typing in works such as 'basildon golf course landfill protest'

Mick Toomer on Channel 5 news !
Channel 5 news have a 'slot' near the end of their programmes where people can broadcast their own news item. Mick's had a two-minute slot at the end of November!
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